Our New Partner Program Updates!

Our partner program has added new capabilities to make it easier than ever to introduce CANDID to your business contacts and friends through affiliate marketing. Below you will find your personal affiliate landing page and an overview on how this program works. Please take a moment to read through this email along with the associated links and feel free to schedule a review session or give us a call with questions. We appreciate any feedback as we continuously strive to make this program great.

Your Personal Referral Page URL:

To get started, copy your personal referral link below to share it through email, on your website, social media, etc. and start earning!


















These social share buttons above already include your referral link. Simply click an icon to quickly share your referral link on social media or VIA email. It’s that easy!

How to Start

Your referral page gives customers/leads the opportunity to quickly receive quotes on several everyday business operating and technology expenses.


Share Your Link

Copy your referral page or share directly using the social share buttons above to start sharing your custom landing page.


Your Leads Sign Up

You get notified when your referrals sign up through your link to receive a quote or schedule a consultation with us.


You Earn

We’ll work with your referrals and as soon as they become a customer or make a purchase, you earn commission.

Setup for Success

There are many ways to engage your leads. Below are some ways to ensure you’re setting yourself up for the best chance of success.

Social Sharing

Most of the share links above have pre-filled text, but be sure to include relevant hashtags and a description to better engage your audience. Also, let us know when you share and we will boost your post!

Emailing Leads 

Get your emails to standout by attaching relevant pdf’s, video, and images in the link below. Need something custom? Let us know! 

View Marketing Files

Talking to Leads

Use this appointment sheet and sales pitch template to learn how to best engage your customers/leads to quickly gather information and close opportunities. 

View Sales Sheet


Registering Leads

When you’re already engaged with a lead or customer and don’t want to use the referral program links, follow the lead registration process so we know exactly how to engage your customers.

Lead Registration Form

Your Booking Page

Aside from your referral URL, you can share your personal booking URL to your contacts to schedule a consultation.



Let’s Chat

You should have everything you need to start utilizing the new referral program. However, if you still have questions on how it works or would like to build a plan for engaging your customers or leads, don’t hesitate to schedule a discovery appointment with us or call us!