REDUCE Your Wireline and Mobility Telecom Expenses by 25 – 40%.

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Know the Facts

Telecom billing issues are more common than you might think – In fact, Gartner has found:

OVER 80%

of bills contain errors that businesses can miss for months on end


are paid without an audit or review

Through a zero-cost, risk-free audit, we’ll expose those costly errors, put money back to your bottom line, and control costs moving forward.

Save Time and Money with Telecom and Wireless Mobility Management

Gain Control of your Telecom and Wireless Mobility expenses without manual, paper-based processes.

Time-consuming management tasks, including moves, adds and changes, inventory tracking, device procurement, services like replacement of a device, and trouble ticket creation and tracking are often impossible to manage through multiple disconnected portals.

Through optimization technology and continuous electronic data exchanges with carriers and third-party providers, our experts will design a solution to streamline your TEM and Mobility program administration.

Our Approach

Zero-Cost, Risk-Free Telecom and Mobility Audit

Our audits consist of inventorying and scrubbing months of invoices, and current assets to verify where there is overspending. Whether it’s billing errors or duplicate charges, a telecom audit can help your company decrease inaccuracies in your invoices to ensure savings moving forward.

Inventory of your entire company's entire technology ecosystem
A clear savings strategy that grows your cash flow over time
Vendor-neutral recommendations for new solutions that better fit your needs
Detailed review of bills and invoices to find errors, unneeded charges, and more
Complete contract review to find areas of potential overspending

Cost Reduction Strategies at Work

Expense management is often the just starting point for companies looking for solutions to control costs and improve IT and operational efficiency. We use the results of your CANDID telecom audit to keep you in control at all times and gain visibility into a full spectrum of communications and IT solutions.

With the right tools and right tools and a unified technology partner you can trust, you’ll learn to more effectively tackle any business challenge.Expense management is often the just starting point for companies looking for solutions to control costs and improve IT and operational efficiency.

Take the first step toward lowering your telecom and IT bills by contacting us today.

How to Determine if Telecom & Mobility Expense Management is the Right Fit

  • Do you have an accurate inventory of all of your IT services?
  • Are you getting the lowest contract rates available from your carriers?
  • Are you still paying for circuits or cell phones that are no longer being used?
  • Are you paying late payment fees every month?
  • Are you experiencing disconnect notices from your carriers for non-payment
  • How do you keep track of your telecom expenses?

If any of the above are answered not in your favor, ask us how to centralize the management of all of your Telecom services in a non-manual effort.

Say Goodbye to Telecom and Mobility Billing Errors

Are you ready for an easy solution to Analyze, Control and Reduce your IT/Telecom Expenses and stop spending on of inaccurate invoices in their tracks? Focus on your business and we’ll do the rest. Request a zero-cost, no-risk audit today!