About Candid

Delivering enterprise-level IT solutions and support to businesses of all sizes.

Who We Are

Candid is a privately owned IT Support and IT Services company formed in 2006. The core of our business model is the belief that transparency with our customers comes first. In an industry where the IT buyer deals with constant finger-pointing that comes with outsourced support, Candid offers passionate care that our customers love!

Today we are proud to offer our best-in-class project management, customer care, and our team of enterprise-tested IT engineers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving our customers’ most critical IT challenges. We bring a team of experts to every meeting. If you are not comfortable with the staff we provide, send us on our way!


    Building on our technologies and competencies creating value for our customers. We achieve this by focusing on the intersection of our client’s emerging needs and the acceleration of business and technological change.


    Our values are the guiding principles upon which Candid was founded and how we strive to conduct our business on a daily basis. Values establish our view of the world as we shape the future. They determine how we treat each other.


    Our drive for exceptional service delivery is built on the belief that we are nothing if you are not satisfied with us. Our passion for helping you achieve your goals, no matter what, is what truly differentiates us from our competitors.

Our Process

Candid follows a simple and effective process. Our experts do the work of finding the savings opportunities and implementing the solutions for you while you continue to operate your company.


Candid begins by better understanding your business, processes, marketing strategy, key cost centers, and your pain points to determine where you can benefit from our Cost Recovery and Cost Reduction Strategies.

Zero Cost Audits

With your approval we will begin the audit process of gathering data from your past and current invoices and collect your vendor agreements.

Expert Analysis

Candid experts review all data gathered and identify opportunities to recover credits and reduce rates/costs going forward through proactive monitoring and management.


Candid presents findings from our research and analysis and recommends solutions. Our experts will outline plans for implementation and receive your authorization for Candid to negotiate on your behalf.

Implement Cost Reduction Strategy

Candid then works the planned solutions with vendors to provide proposed credits and savings.

Monitoring and Control

Candid provides you visibility through on-going tracking and reporting that ensures savings while enabling you to cost effectively manage the growth of your company.

Why Candid

Candid is Designed for You

CANDID is backed by the largest privately-held technology services distributor in the United States. Through our robust portfolio of 300+ carriers and managed service providers, we are able to provide an agnostic approach when sourcing data, voice, cloud, and managed services to our clients globally.

Informed Decisions

Whether you plan to optimize what you have today or migrate to something new, let us help you make the right IT decisions. Our tools help to drive profits and innovation.

Extend Your IT Team

Our sales, account, and support engineers are carrier agnostic experts that will work side by side with your team to assist in designing custom solutions that pave the way for future growth.

Quotes in Minutes, Not Days

Our Real-time-quoting tool provides the best-fit solution providers, service details, pricing, term, Fiber Maps, Data Center Locator, Automated Contract Generator, and more.

Save Time & Aggravation

Candid is a full-service telecom consulting firm that will save you time, money, and aggravation from working directly with the phone companies. We deal with the carriers, so you do not have to.

Buying Power

Backed by the largest technology services distributors in the United States and no volume commitments to carriers or MSP’s, you’re guaranteed to get the best fit solution at the lowest price.

Monitoring & Control

CANDID provides you visibility through on-going tracking and reporting that ensures savings while enabling you to cost-effectively manage the IT growth of your company.

You have a vision, we have a way to get you there!

Our approach to the world of telephony is truly unique. Talk with us about how we can help drive greater client growth and profitability through a tightly managed IT Infrastructure outsourced model!  Ready to find a solution?