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Top 5 Benefits of Contact Center Solutions

Would a contact center solution work for your business? Here are the top five ways your organization could benefit. 

  1. Integration with CRM software – Track your successes and failures and analyze the data to determine the best time to pick up the phone. Add new customers to your database with every call. 
  2. More respect for your customers’ time – No one likes waiting on the phone. And having to explain the same problem twice or connecting with an agent who can’t help is even more frustrating. Contact Center Solutions properly direct the call and pass on the information to the next agent. 
  3. Integration with social media – Today’s customers/callers Tweet, Like, and Chat more than making calls. Today’s Contact Center Solutions can monitor and filter social media and detect who needs special attention. You can direct your customers on any social media platform right to your agents. 
  4. It’s all about experience – Contact Center Solutions let a supervisor monitor a call and gives the option of either “whispering” into an agent’s ear without the customer hearing, or “barge” into the call and take over. Either way, the customer will get the benefit of the more experienced agent and have a better call experience. 
  5. Customizable distribution rules – The order that calls are directed can be completely customizable based on tracking and analyzing data on success rate, length of calls, skill sets, and more. You can also make sure customers get the same agent every time. 

For more information on how contact center can increase productivity and deliver better customer service in your organization, reach out today.

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