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Make every customer touch-point more personal with a support team that’s trained and equipped to solve customer problems using Sharpen. Sharpen is an agent-first contact center software that guarantees at least 5-15% ROI in 60 days. Click here to learn how!


An agent-first omnichannel contact center platform built in the cloud

Happier agents make happier customers. Sharpen gives your customer service team a way to simplify their queue interactions and workflows to empower agents and deliver a positive CX. Equip agents with a platform to interact with customers on any channel from one interface. Trigger micro-learning and coaching modules inside agent queues for improved growth and development. And, gain deep customer insights from a single reporting system, based on the customer relationships your team develops.
Best-in-class contact center software

Software that truly makes life in a contact center easier

Sharpen is committed to building software that improves the lives of contact center agents. Its cloud-native platform was built from the ground up free from the anchors of legacy code. With open REST APIs, companies can use the Sharpen platform as the foundation on which to configure solutions to solve their customer service problems.

Sharpen has developed a holistic solution designed to eliminate common inefficiencies that ultimately impact the agent, their quality of life, and their ability to provide a perfect customer experience. By creating a platform that addresses the needs of both IT and the contact center, agents are more prepared and better trained to do their job. The result? Happier, more effective agents creating happy, loyal customers.

Prioritize agents

Coach and develop your agents inside their queue. Then, give them the tools and autonomy to work how they perform best, while tracking their effectiveness, efficiency, and empowerment. All in one place.

Improve experiences

Make every customer touchpoint more personal with a support team that’s equipped to solve problems. Agents have complete customer information in each interaction so they can take the right actions for better resolutions.

Hit goals together

Plan and implement workflows and interactions with a partner who shares your goals. And, as those goals grow or change, keep a hands-on partner to help you realize success, no matter what that means to you.

See how Sharpen can guarantee ROI of 5-15%

See Why Customers Love Sharpen

Improve your customer satisfaction by focusing on your agent experience while seeing real, guaranteed ROI.

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    Money Back Guarantee

    No fine print. No gimmicks. Sharpen guarantees 5% ROI in 60 days or you’re fully refunded.

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    Realize Your Goals

    With CANDID and Sharpen you’ll get two  hands-on partners to help you realize success, no matter what that means to you.

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    The CANDID Difference

    If Sharpen is not the ideal solution, our team of engineers work with you to find the right fit for your team.