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Helping you keep your Microsoft 365 costs as low as possible

Microsoft has recently announced a price rise of between 9% and 25% on six of the most popular Microsoft 365 solutions.

Since the announcement we have been working out how we can best help customers beat this price rise and keep costs as low as possible on their Microsoft 365 services, something we always look to help customers achieve.

We’ve put together a hub full of information to help you understand which products are affected, what we can do to help you keep your licensing costs to a minimum and changes to the way you can purchase licenses.

What's changing and what does it mean for your business?

The price rise means that any customers with subscriptions for the impacted solutions which renew after 1st March 2022, will move on to the higher prices at that point. This includes rises for key services within Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

If you take no action, your licensing costs will increase at renewal, from March 2022.

However, we’re offering our customers the ability to renew those subscriptions early before the end of February 2022 to maintain the existing prices up to February 2023.

NCE Price Uplift

What are the new licensing options?

Microsoft has also announced there will be changes to the way businesses purchase licenses for Microsoft services.

Cobweb can help you adjust your subscriptions to ensure you get the best value at current Microsoft prices. When renewing, we can help you subscribe to the correct mix of monthly, annual, and 3-year licenses (for Microsoft Dynamics) to give the optimal level of flexibility, whilst still keeping costs to a minimum.

NCE Plans

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